The Piedmont Region's niche publication that inspires readers looking to enhance their  lifestyle.

Culinary - Culture - Community

New experiences, feeling good, and enjoying life. We will show you places to go and things to do that will enrich your life. The Destination Magazine™ will broaden your horizons and give you memories for life.


Forward Thinking

We are about getting out and doing something! We do not fill our pages with events that you have missed. We want you to say “I want to go there” not “darn, I missed that!”


Freedom of Choice

People pick up the Destination Magazine™ by choice. Each magazine is going into the hands of someone who chooses to read it. We never spray and pray your message to a zip code.


We build it, you keep it.

If the Destination Magazine™ builds your ad we will not hold it hostage. Feel free to re-purpose your ad for web or even another print publication.


Small Size – BIG Reach

Our publication is only 4 1/2 inches wide allowing us to be place it in retail locations that usually do not allow publications to be displayed.

Print – Web – Mobile

The Destination Magazine™ is published 12 times a year in print, on the web and pushed to Apple Mobile devices around the globe via Apple News. No matter the medium, the Destination Magazine™ will reach you desired demographic. 





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